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Glass cremation jewelry is one of the most elegant and artistic ways to ground that feeling with a physical object. Wearing something that contains the ashes of your loved one brings them quite literally close to your heart and reminds you of their presence.

Every time you put your pendant on, see it in the mirror, or receive a compliment on it you’ll be reminded of your loved one’s continuing presence with you.

Ashes and glass fuse in a dance of old and new, emerging as a beautiful piece of glass art.


Moonkay_1314BgThe cute tuxedo kitty you see here, was my companion for 17 years, Moonkay.  Found by my son in a dumpster when he was just weeks old, he grew into a wonderful cat who played fetch, came when he was called, and greeted everyone who came to the door.  That is why this jewelry is so fitting…….it is as unique as he was.  I wear it always. There will never be another like him and he is missed.–


We have all been touched, to some degree, by the pets that come in…and, sadly, out…of our lives.  I would like to invite you to share a tribute to those special pets who have made your life’s journey, happier and more joyful.

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  • carol bowman says:

    Zoe…how can describe Zoe ….Shih Tzu with ATTITUDE to the extreme. She was beautiful and knew it. Zoe would never fetch, tug or any doggie tricks that might cause her to “sweat” / pant. “Who, ME!!!”
    I adopted her from the Humane Society at age two – with her beautiful full, floor length coat. Tomay was grooming my kinda Yorkie, Toby, and suggested I keep her coat long – YES!! Tomay and later LoriAnne kept my girl beautifully groomed with great care and kindness for fourteen years (you can see Toby and Zoe’s pictures in the Groomingdale’s Gallery).

    For a little girl, Zoe had a big personality. She communicated with me in HER own language and body language. She pranced when she thought it would get her a treat, she pawed my leg for my food that she wanted more than her own, she “yelled at me” when her water bowl was empty. insisted on sitting in my lap as I drove and REFUSED to house train!!!!!!

    Over the years she became so very important to me and I loved her dearly. Thank you, Tomay, for providing this opportunity to attempt to put into words my memories of Zoe sniff, sniff.

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